We need a drummer!

Be THE TOMBOYS and let’s have more and more fun!

◆We need…

・A drummer, even better if you can sing too

・Regardless of gender, nationality

you have to come and see us to Kobe

・Regardless of pro or amateur

who has passion and try hard for evertihng

・Who make band activity first priority and enjoy life

who can participate in practice a few times a week, shows, tour

・Cheerful and happy person

・Who can go on a abroad tour

・Who likes to have a chat in a cafe!

◆Application method

Please fill in the required fields Please fill in the required fields and send them by email. (info@thetomboys.net.)

Regarding vide, please send us the URL by using file transfer services such as Dropbox.



3.Date of birth


5.Reason for applying

6.Music experience

7.Favorite music, drummer

8.Hobby, interest

・Bust shot

・Performance video, any song you like

We will get in touch with you sometime later.

You will be asked to come to Kobe for final screening and you have to pay your own travel expenses. We appreciate your understanding. Thank you.