写真左より (vo.タバタヒナ ba.GGワカナ gt.和木マドカ)



2011年 当時中学3年生、NoName結成。

2014年、拠点を神戸として、さらには東京遠征にも出向き、夏には自主企画イベント『NEVER FORGET KINDNESS vol.1』を開催。東京でのTHE ADAM’S APPLES&BOBのイベント出演を最後に、受験勉強のため、またもやしばしの活動休止。(またか〜〜い!真面目〜〜!)
2015年、復活早々、東京遠征にも積極的!4月には神戸VARIT.にて、憧れのザ50回転ズとYellow StudsのツーマンにてO.A決定!
更なる奇跡が起こり、ザ50回転ズ主催イベント、下北沢SHELTERにてROCK’N’ROLL GENERATIONのO.A.決定!(※誠に残念ながら、緊張でほぼ記憶が残っていません)
そして2015年8月、1stミニアルバム『in my mind』リリース!さらには店舗限定でタワレコにもCDの流通、初の全国までとはいかないツアーを決行。
10月、神戸VARIT.にてSlimcat、冨田琴乃(ex THE ADAM’S APPLES &BOB)、THE抱きしめるズ、忘れてモーテルズの皆様のお力添えを得て、ツアーファイナル『NEVER FORGET KINDNESS vol.2』を無事成功させる!(いや〜〜これがまた我先にと楽しんでしまう4人であったのです。)

2016年3月22日、NoNameとしての活動を終了し、イギリスはロンドンよりTHE TOMBOYSに生まれ変わる。
改名早々、4人揃ってイギリスはロンドンにて、プロデューサーにGlen Matlock (Sex Pistlesオリジナルメンバー) を迎えてのレコーディングを行う。(トムボウイズはロンドン産なのだ、図に乗っております。)
更にはLONDON PIPELINEにて、シークレットゲストにGlen Matlockを迎え、初の海外ライブを決行。(これが想像をはるかに超えて大盛り上がり!)
2016年8月10日に2nd mini album ロンドンレコーディング作品その一!『COME BACK TO 19』を全国ヴィレッジヴァンガード限定で発売。ジャケットを手掛けるはザ50回転ズよりドリー先生!(これがまた現物のプリチー度をはるかに超えた素晴らしい出来に雄叫びをあげたのは言うまでもない)
12月、約四ヶ月間に渡るツアーの最終公演はずっと憧れを抱き続けた、そう!大阪、十三FANDANGOにて、『NEVER FORGET KINDNESS vol.3』を開催。河内REDS、THE BOYS&GIRLSの皆様とで3マンライヴ決行!アンコールで出演者の皆様とともにお送りしたGOING STEADYのSTAND BY MEはやっぱり一生の宝物でございます)
実は、ツアーファイナル前、2016年11月2度目の渡英。ロンドンでのライブ後、大型フェス『HYPER JAPAN』に3日間出演!(超満員の盛大な盛り上がり、嘘偽りナシ)
プロデューサーGLEN MATLOCK×エンジニアJOHN MOONのタッグと共に再びレコーディング!(世界のレジェンドGLENとイギリスを代表するエンジニアJOHNにカメラアプリSNOWで犬の耳をつけて撮影したのはある意味で伝説である)
夏にはその作品を3rd mini album『TO THE DREAM』として初の全国リリース!
積極的な自主企画をこなし、2018年2月、自身初となるワンマンライヴ『NEVER FORGET KINDNESS vol.4』を神戸VARIT.にて開催!(史上初にしてアレコレやりたい放題、そんなわがままを愛するご来場の皆様、いつも素晴らしいサポート神戸VARIT.の皆様には感謝感謝感謝である)

The Tomboys are a young 4-piece girl band from Kobe, Japan that take classic rock sensibilities and style and mash them up with modern-day pop music in a delightfully-sweet powerpop s’more that is taking Japan by storm!
In 2011, a group of 8th grade girls formed a cover band called NoName to play songs by such artists as The 50 Kaitenz and SCANDAL. The next year they played in a cover band battle hosted by SCANDAL themselves. They totally killed it, and drummer Non took home the RINA prize!
After that brilliant performance, the girls went to study abroad for a year (and managed to gain 40 kilos between the four of them).
In 2013 they came back to Japan as 11th graders (and immediately went on a diet). They resumed their musical activities, dipping their toes into songwriting for the first time.
That November, all (some) of their dreams came true and they released their first record. That same winter, they once again battled opponents from all corners of the globe in the SCANDAL cover band contest, this time taking home the special judge’s prize for best band and as a bonus guitar-vocalist Tabata Hina snagged the HARUNA prize as well!
In 2014, after leaving a seriously big impression on the staff and management of the live venue Varit in Kobe, they were tapped to open for Apple Saitou & the Happy Hercules Boys, Droog, and Katayama Breakers.
In May of their last year of high school, they were invited to play their first show in Tokyo at an event hosted by THE SNEEZE. THE SNEEZE were a little scary-looking at first, but took great care of the girls and showed them an awesome time. (Thanks, guys!)
The month after that, the girls hosted their first event, “Never Forget Kindness” at Takatsuki Raspberry. They invited Lovers and Covers and The Adam’s Apples & Bob to play with them. In August, they travelled to Tokyo again to play at Adam’s Apples & Bob’s event at Shinjuku Marble, after which they took several months off to focus on their studies. (Yeah, they were still in high school.)
In 2015, they went back to rocking out and were invited to open the final show of The Adam’s Apples & Bob’s tour, once again at Tokyo’s Shinjuku Marble. Then in April, they opened for The 50 Kaitenz and Yellow Studs at Varit.
Miracle after miracle… the girls were tapped to open for The 50 Kaitenz at their event “Rock ‘n Roll Generation” at Tokyo’s Shimokitazawa Shelter, playing with (natch) The 50 Kaitenz and Tekumaku Mayans. (Unfortunately, they were so nervous that they barely remember the show itself…)
In August of 2015, they released their first mini-album, which was put on sale in limited release at Tower Records stores, which prompted them to set out on a (not quite) country-wide tour. They met tons of wonderful people everywhere they went, and wrapped things up with a huge and amazing show featuring Wasurete Models, The Dakishimerus, Slimcat, and Tomita Kotono (formerly of The Adam’s Apples & Bob).
In 2016 the band known as NoName was laid to rest… And an extremely familiar-looking band called The Tomboys was born!
After recovering from the minor identity crisis, the four girls comprising the newly-christened Tomboys made their way to London to record with producer Glen Matlock (former member of the Sex Pistols!!)
While in London, The Tomboys played their first show abroad, sharing a bill with Glen Matlock himself!
By any measure, this is a resounding success! The girls are ecstatic at their newfound popularity!
The recording they did in London was pressed to shiny plastic and released by Village Vanguard this August, and they are now touring across Japan to support the album!
Who knows what other amazing things are in store for our heroes?! Well… while they’re waiting to find out, The Tomboys are going to keep on rocking… leaving a trail of happy faces and blown minds in their wake!